Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reinventing Leadership In The Age of Collaboration - FP Posted

In his book, Leadershift, author Emmanual Gobillot, a consultant and speaker with a wide audience in Europe, describes how to adapt traditional leadership roles and a develop a new business model for success. Leadershift explores the world of mass collaboration--that is, the collective actions of large numbers of people working independently of organizations and institutions. Gobillot argues that social, collaborative and virtual networking have far deeper implications than just changing the way we work or do business. Mass participation makes business a social enterprise, and therefore changing the nature of roles within.

Gobillot argues that leadership during a mass participation era is linked to narrative (story telling) and contribution more than it is to power and prescribed roles. The real challenge with collaboration is that it needs to be implemented with tools that do not currently facilitate it. Engaging in conversations with people that help paint desired pictures of the future, or apply our knowledge of human behavior from brain science research is at odds with the kinds of structures and processes that currently exist in organizations.

There are four trends that all suggest that individual experience, skill, effort and power are diminishing in importance in favor of collective experience, skill, and networks.

In this post I also appreciated the definitions of Leader and Ruler supplied by commenter rossbcan:

Leader: One we voluntarily follow because they expose a vision and a place / role for us that is in our self-interest

Ruler: Those we FEAR to cross.

Interesting concepts in new leadership.

Thanks for reading. Please lead quietly.


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