Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Release Notes

Welcome friends.

This is the inaugural post for the Lead Quietly blog and I expect that anyone reading this is asking both who and what questions, “Who are you?” and “What is the Lead Quietly blog?

My name is Don Frederiken. I am a quiet leader. But as I quiet leader, you will also know that I consider the “What?” question far more important than the “Who?” question.

What is Lead Quietly Blog?

As I look around me, I see that the most challenging business problems are solved by teams led by one or more quiet, thoughtful leaders. I am not alone in this discovery. There is a growing body of work touting the notion of quiet leaders and heralding their work and achievement.

I am writing this blog to start conversation and sustain study about quiet leadership. I want the conversation to include a community of leaders who share the notion that being a leader is not about heroic speeches, “follow me” pep talks, or fist pumping tirades.

I want to use this blog to share the discoveries, the books, the research, and the stories of quiet leadership. It’s really about learning.

Welcome to the Lead Quietly blog. Thanks for reading.


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