Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Quiet Leader Commandments - Without the Stone Tablets

Do you have a personal set of commandments? I do but I don't. I've feel like I try live my life with a set of principles, many of which I have identified in this blog. But I don't because I have never put them onto a list. I'm not envisioning a set of stone tablets; too difficult to modify, but there should be a list.

The whole notion of a personal set of commandments occurred to me when I Tweeted last week that I was impressed with the Twelve Commandments of author Gretchen Rubin on her Happiness Project blog. Hers is a simple list. So simple that you don't have to click through the hyperlink to get more information.

My goal is such a list. But I feel some intrinsic need to keep my list to ten. Here I go:
  1. Always learning, always improving, always practicing.
  2. Be humble.  (Added September 24, 2011 Link)
  3. Stay balanced.
  4. Be resourceful, be a problem solver.
  5. Show vision.
  6. Be nice, be decent, be fair.
  7. Serve.
  8. Show gratitude.
  9. Communicate well.
  10. Listen always.
  11. The best answer is the honest answer.  (Edited September 24, 2011.  Link)
I'm always looking for feedback and comments. Please share your additions or modifications. Help me improve my list.

On a related note, check out Phil Gerbyshak's Ten Commandments of Management on Slacker Manager. Thanks Phil

Thanks for reading. Please lead quietly.

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