Saturday, August 10, 2013

Choose Leadership to Stay Relevant

Leadership is a choice more than a title. Today, I am reminded that there is a compelling new reason for choosing leadership, “Staying relevant in our new age of work.”


I have written about leadership choice several times in the past.  For example, in Leading from Below, I cite a Wall Street Journal article that makes five recommendations about your leadership choices.  The most important recommendation is:
Make a conscious decision to lead and move beyond your current role. Make the decision on your own. Take the risk and you'll thrive in your job and get that next promotion.

Choose Leadership to Stay Relevant

Today I curated a Fast Company article entitled The Four Things People Can Still Do Better Than Computers  for my Leaderly and Listable Scoop.It.  The Fast Company article describes the changing labor market and those skills that will be valued in our changing world. 

My summary and simple recommendations after reading the article and underlying research paper:
  • Computers are not good at being human.  
  • Computers are not good at leadership.
  • Choose leadership to stay relevant.
I found the Fast Company article interesting and would recommend reading it.  We need to stay relevant.

Thanks for reading.  Choose leadership, quiet leadership.