Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inaugural Post on Posterous - Looking for Intersections

I am writing an email that will turn into my inaugural post on Posterous which can also be found at

It occurs to me that my motivation for an online presence is pretty simple.  Unlike many authors, consultants, and product marketers who are looking to sell and promote, I use my online presence to primarily discover, learn, and connect. is primarily about connecting. I'm fascinated by intersections where things connect.  In fact, one of the phrases that I occasionally use is,

Interesting things happen at intersections.

What kind of intersections?

Any kind of intersection.   I like to explore any crossroad where you find an intersection of different roads traveled, new  ideas, information, learning, trends, people, politics, presentation, or data.

When approaching an intersection you can encounter "interesting" events:

  • First there is a danger of a collision when approaching an intersection.  Some intersections are simply "dangerous".
  • Second, every intersection offers the possibility of a change in direction, a chance to take a new path.
  • Third there is an opportunity for a new convergence or a  meeting of people, ideas, and information.  Innovation could result.

I am starting this blog in the pursuit and discovery of interesting intersections.  I'll be looking for intersectables and interesting crossroads.  Please stay tuned.

It's Intersectable.


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