Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are you a Super Learner? Do a self assessment.

Are you a super learner?

My recent exploration at the intersection of learning and leadership exposed me to the concept of a super learner. It's a role to which I aspire. I certainly have my share of weaknesses and my opportunity for learning is endless but I wanted a simple list of characteristics that could help me assess my progress.

Here are the characteristics that I would use to describe a super learner:
  • You live in wonder and have a insatiable curiosity and will to learn.
  • You are humble and clearly recognize your knowledge gaps and weaknesses.
  • You are a skilled critical thinker and good at synthetic thinking. You look to connect the dots at the intersection of ideas.
  • You are patient. Super learners understand that there are no shortcuts or quick fixes.
  • You accept mistakes as simply a part of learning.
  • You are self-reliant, self driven and self-motivated. You believe that learning is worth doing for its own sake.
  • You are media savvy. Super learners live in a state of constant exposure to social media and the associated knowledge. You are well aware of the power of social technology to connect people to people.
  • You are social and group-oriented. You are able to build networks for collaborating. You are quick to share knowledge.

How did you do?

My eight characteristics were summarized from these resources:
Mission to Learn blog: 5 Traits of the Super Learner
Harvard Magazine Article (pdf): Secrets of the Super Learners
Accenture Video: Super Learners

Thanks for reading. Please lead quietly.

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