Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's All About Learning - Part Deux

Kevin Eikenberry contributed a compelling post to Jonathon Farrington's Leadership Turn blog entitled Why Learning Is A Leader’s Most Important Skill. It is highly recommended.

The essential hypothesis of the post was a single statement, "Highly effective, remarkable leaders must be continuous, lifelong learners."

There were a numerous of statements in support of the proposition that resonated with me. For example:

The status quo requires no leadership. ...learning is required to
continually adapt to and work under the changing conditions.

...leaders know that the mastery of these complexities is a lifelong journey with no defined endpoint. The result? The need and desire to be in a continuously learning mindset.
Kevin's assertion that leaders must "Model it for Others" caused me to reflect on the managers that I have had, some of who "got the importance of learning", and, of course, some who didn't. If a leader is an active learner, others will follow. I have had occasions to work for a managers who were active and continuous learners. They naturally encouraged learning and by far, the best leaders. I bet most would agree.

Although I believe that continuous learning should be organic and can occur without a school, course, program, or conference, the post also caused me to reflect on the number of times when I didn't spend my training budget in the beginning of the year. I'm sure many have the same regret when a mid-year change in the business resulted in second half belt tightening. What goes first? I guess I better make those plans!

Thanks for reading. Please lead quietly.


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