Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lead Quietly, Follow Quietly, and Quietly Get Out of the Way

I have written previously about the "growing body of work" in support of quiet leadership. The body of work continues to grow. Check out a great post by Dustin Wax at Lifehack.org where his insights on leadership are spot-on in terms of the attributes of quiet leadership. I found the entire post inspiring. Here are the highlights:
  • When leadership works, it creates leaders, not
  • But while leaders may also hold a certain kind of power,
    in some senses power is the opposite of leadership: power is what we resort to when leadership fails.
  • There is no necessary link between charisma and
  • Leadership is about making those around us into leaders;
    ultimately leaders get out of the way.
The Lifehack.org site is one of those blogs that occupies a permanent slot in my Google Reader. With features on leadership, productivity, technology, and tools, this post is one great example of the learning opportunities at the site.

Thanks for reading. Please lead quietly.

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