Saturday, October 29, 2011

Adopt a Green Mentality

I’ve written about the importance of learning in leadership often.  Those writings included:

Learning is an important element of leadership.  I’m not writing today to restate that fact.

However, I find it  interesting when there is a new twist to an existing idea and that is the notion behind my urging to “Adopt a Green Mentality.”

The idea came from Shawn Murphy (Twitter: @Shawmu), the founder of Achieved Strategies when he wrote, 12 Most Necessary Shifts in Leadership Thinking for Today

I love a good list of insight and definitions and the tenth item on Shawn’s great list was my favorite.  It immediately resonated with me.  Here are Shawn’s words.
10. Adopt a “Green Mentality”
A colleague once said about professional development:  “If you’re ripe you’re rotting; if you’re green you’re growing.” Professional development never ends. A green mentality keeps your mind sharp and your skills fresh.
My call today is for leaders to adopt a green mentality.  Join me and make it part of your everyday mission.

Thanks for reading.  Lead quietly and think green, be growing.

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