Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Uncommon Decency

When you depart, will they describe you with the words, "Uncommon Decency?"

In May of 2008, I recognized the leadership of Indianapolis football coach, Tony Dungy, in a post, Quiet Strength, Quiet Leader, Quiet Winner where I nominated Coach Dungy for the Lead Quietly Hall of Fame.

Yesterday, columnist Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote a column on Coach Dungy's retirement as a football coach where the headline read, "Tony Dungy: Uncommon Decency. "

The headline generated two thoughts in my "lead quietly" way of thinking:
  1. It's a highly unusual label for a sports celebrity.
  2. Will anyone describe my work or life using the phrase "Uncommon Decency?"
Thanks for reading. Please lead quietly. Be uncommonly decent.

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