Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tom Peter's Leaderly List

I am a fan of Tom Peters.  Last week, Tom tweeted that he had posted a leadership self-assessment on his web site.  I took a look and given my fondness for leaderly lists, I retweeted the following:
If you are looking for a  quick checklist for leaderly actions, the summary at the bottom of the post provides that mini-MBA in leadership.

In your self assessment, ask yourself, am I a(n)   fill in the blank from the Peter's list.__

  • "Aggressive listener."
  • Expert at questioning.
  • Meetings as leadership opportunity #1.
  • Creating a "civil society."
  • Expert at "helping."
  • Expert at holding productive conversations.
  • Fanatic about clear communications.
  • Fanatic about training.
  • Master of appreciation/acknowledgement.
  • Effective at apology.
  • Creating a culture of automatic helpfulness by all to all.
  • Presentation excellence.
  • Conscious master of body language.
  • Master of hiring.
  • Master of evaluating people.
  • Time manager par excellence.
  • Avid practitioner of MBWA/Managing By Wandering Around.
  • Avid student of the process of influencing others per se.
  • Student of decision making and devastating impact of irrational aspects thereof.
  • Brilliantly schooled student of negotiation.
  • Creating a no-nonsense execution culture.
  • Meticulous about employee development/100% of staff.
  • Student of the power of "d"iversity (all flavors of difference).
  • Aggressive in pursuing gender balance.
  • Making team-building excellence everyone's daily priority.
  • Understanding value of matchless 1st-line management.
  • Instilling "business sense" in one and all.
The list is a wealth of great reminders.   The entire post is indeed a mini-MBA in leadership.

Thanks for reading.  Please lead quietly

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