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My Tribute to Trey Pennington - Be-Attitudes for a New Millennium

Today, I was saddened by the news of the passing of Trey Pennington.   I am reaching back into my archives in tribute to his life and great contribution. Please read below.

Today, his suicide death reminds us that depression can take on many forms and impacts, even in someone with a great public persona.  An estimated 19 million Americans suffer from major depression.  It is an illness that must be treated and treated seriously.

Today, I was touched by a number of tributes to Trey.  The bravest was perhaps the words of Bridget Pilloud  who wrote today, The Difference between Trey Pennington and Me.  Please read it for insight into depression.

My Tribute to Trey Pennington.  RIP......

Originally Posted April 11, 2010:
I love a concise list that can provide insight, a call to action, or a quick reminder. I have noted this before in For the love of learning, you gotta love a good list. My Quiet Leader Commandments is one of my contributions.
In a similar vein, fellow AOC3 collaborator, Trey Pennington provides a great list of guiding principles for leaders. He titled his list, Be-Attitudes for a New Millenium. I discovered this great list as part of my AOC3 Learn Quest , my personal mission to learn from each of the contributors to the book Age of Conversation 3 that will be available soon.
Here are Trey's Be-Attitudes:

The Be-Attitudes for a New Millenium

Be alert: You may either be self-centered or alert.
Be quiet: When you’re quiet, you can listen.
Be available: yep, this is a 24/7 world and banker’s hours went away as an acceptable measure of availability a long time ago.
Be visible: it means having a sufficient presence wherever “your people” might be hanging out they know you’re there when they need you.
Be responsive: If your people” ask you a question, give them an answer.
Be generous: the days of protecting your turf are long gone.
Be helpful: Help people solve their problems; good things will happen.
Be quiet: quietness is linked to humility is linked to greatness.
Please read the full descriptons at The post's comments are also enlightening.
In summary, I appreciate the entire list but especially like the extra attention given to the call to "Be Quiet."
Trey links quietness to humility and reminds us of the great and sustainable accomplishment of those who changed the word quietly in contrast to the loud ones who have left us with messes. (think about our current economic state)
Additionally Trey posits, "When you’re quiet, you can listen." Listening is a key element of building community, learning, balance and building vision.
I'm honored for the opportunity to collaborate with Trey Pennington and others. My AOC3 Learn Quest challenge is my mission to explore the work of every co-collaborator of the Age of Conversation 3. I am humbled to be a part of this great group of writers and thinkers. They offer so much to learn and explore. You can follow my progress on my AOC3 Dashboard. The book will be available soon. Proceeds to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation
Enjoy, keep meshing up and lead quietly.

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