Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just Ask Leadership - Do you look good from below?

This week I have been devouring the book, Just Ask Leadership: Why Great Managers Always Ask the Right Questions by Gary B Cohen.

Expect that you will be find me sharing a number of nuggets from this good book. Like what often happens, I end up defacing the book with my notes and circles. I'll share some of these nuggets.

You've likely seen the Truman quote above from other sources, "It is amazing what you can accomplish......." The point, however, that I circled was actually the Captain Symonds quote where he proposes, " A lot of folks.....make it too far in this business because they look a lot better from above than they do from below."

This quote reminded of a the Leadership Acid Test that wrote in 2007 when I proposed a good test of leadership:

Pick a Leader with a title. If that Leader no longer had a title, would you still follow him/her. Would the leader still have influence?

It is another way of suggesting that leaders need to look good from below. Without a title, would you still look good from below; would you still be leading?

And maybe, looking good from below will ultimately cause them to look even better from above.

There are more nuggets worthy of sharing. Expect more as I continue to deface this book.

Thanks for reading. Please lead quietly and watch your looks.


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