Saturday, September 1, 2007

Shopping for Leadership Tools: Methods, Models, and Theories

There is a Chinese proverb that suggests, "To do good work, one must first have good tools"

Tools are indispensable. Take a craftsman like Norm Abrams of the New Yankee Workshop. He is, of course, a legendary "tool man", a tool for every woodworking purpose. I couldn't imagine an episode of the TV series that didn't feature Norm with his tools. I'm not a serious woodworker but often wish I was; particularly after watching an episode.

What about leadership tools? What tools are available? How do you find a good tools to assist with a decision, a challenge, an analysis?

There are numerous methods, models, theories, and diagrams. But unfortunately, leaders can't browse for tools at the local Sears store, it often takes lengthy research to find a new tool and you probably need the tool now.

There is one resource that Guy Kawasaki introduced on his How to Change the World blog. He refers to it as "MBA on a Page" but I equate it to the Sears Craftsman collection of leadership tools. The resource is provided by the Value Based Management site. Check out their collection of Methods, Models, and Theories.

It's like shopping for tools at Sears. You can pick it up, hold it, read the instructions, feel how heavy it is. Some examples to browse:
Finally, remember those Ps when talking about Marketing Mix. It is 4 Ps, 5 Ps, or Seven Ps?

It is a nice resource.

Thanks for reading. Please lead quietly.

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