Monday, June 18, 2007

Pull Leadership

The principles of quiet leadership align with "Pull Leadership" as prescribed by consultant Stever Robbins. In an article on the Harvard Business School Working Knowledge site, Stever writes,
"Push" leadership will push people right out the door. We
need leaders who inspire others to follow, who engender loyalty. We need leaders who practice "pull" leadership.

We can probably all remember at least one push leader in our past. It doesn't seem to matter whether the push leader was a command barker, or a titled authority, or a political manipulator, the push approach doesn't provide the sustainable leadership that an organization should strive for.

"Pull" or "Quiet" Leadership is hard. It is not what people expect and as Stever writes, "it's about recognizing that the leader isn't perfect, and that an organization's power comes from everyone who comprises it."

The "Pull Leadership" Manifesto has five quiet principles for leadership that the quiet leader can employ:
The Elements of Pull Leadership
1. Pull leaders take responsibility for the success of their organization and people.
2. Pull leaders work to become attractive to others.
3. Pull leaders align and inspire with values.
4. Pull leaders act as stewards of their organizations and people.
5. Pull leaders architect physical and social space.

Thanks for reading. Please lead quietly.

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